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Explore our fantastic selection of LED neon lights and affordable signs. Find the perfect neon effect for your office, party, bedroom, or any space. From aesthetic to hipster, find or customize your ideal sign with our online designer.

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All LED Neon signs

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Discover Our Handmade LED Neon Signs

Explore our exclusive collection of handmade neon signs, meticulously crafted with high-quality LED flex encased in flexible rubber tubing. Each sign, showcasing a unique aesthetic appeal, is mounted on a transparent acrylic backboard, offered in diverse colors and styles. Our range extends to tabletop neon lamps, box neon night lights, aesthetic light-up signs, neon sculptures, and floor-standing neon light signs.

Versatile and Convenient LED Neon Signs

Each of our LED neon signs includes a US certified power adapter and a 3-6ft* clear cord, extending to an additional 3-6ft*, facilitating easy placement or hanging.

Illuminate Your Space with Customizable Neon Signs

Our collection, available for immediate purchase or personalization, allows you to choose from a spectrum of colors. Create your own neon sign, perfect for personal milestones like weddings, birthdays, and children's room decorations. These lightweight, portable signs are ideal for events and party decorations, and as unique wedding decor.

Personalize Your LED Neon Light Experience

Our diverse selection includes everything from heart-shaped neon signs to custom neon bar signs, with child-friendly LED options for kids' rooms and celebratory birthday neon signs.

Stylish Neon Wall Signs and Decorative Lights

Select from our assortment of trendy LED neon flex floor lamps, novelty neon signs, and neon word lights. These signs replicate the look of traditional glass neon without the drawbacks.

Superior Quality and Safe Neon Flex LED Lights

Our neon flex LED lights and signs are perfect for various applications, including neon art, decorative lighting, and wall decor. For those uncertain of what to choose, we also offer gift cards.

*Note: Cord length varies based on the sign's size. Refer to each product page for details.

Easy Installation and Enhanced Control

All our neon LED signs come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and wall mounting. Optional remote control offers an on/off switch and 10 brightness levels, with adjustable flashing speed settings.

Energy-Efficient and Safe LED Flex Neon

Our LED flex neon is not only energy-efficient, reducing operational costs, but also boasts a long lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours. These signs are free from toxic gases and breakable glass, and they stay cool to the touch for safety.